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 [*The Rulebook*]

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PostSubject: [*The Rulebook*]   Sat May 08, 2010 1:11 pm

[[::The Rulebook::]]

[ Chapter One :: Roleplay ]

[ Section One : Invalid Words ]

Many people type in "Slang". This is unacceptable through roleplay lines, and will be considered void. Words like "U" are placed in this section. This is void because of typos. When you typo, it becomes hard to read. When you use invalid words, and typo, it becomes even more hard to read, therefore, considering it void. For example:

-sneding ym nwad tuo here-

Notice the "U" in between the t and the u. The "U" was supposed to indicate who the man was sending the wand to. Yet, it is hard to read, making it void.

-sending my wand to you here-

That line is valid, it is legible, and there are valid words.

[ Section Two : Roleplay Lines ]

Role play lines are the main part of role plays. They indicate the actions the average role player does. Though, they can be frustrating. To make things fair, there are rules against lines, such as this.
The lines must be legible. Meaning if you cant read it, its not valid.
-snednaidju myadf wandadg dowansd to jypaiu-
This is meant to say, -sending my wand down to you-. But it is not legible.
To make this rule fair, Half of the roleplayers in the room must agree to it being legible or not, the typer does not count.

[ Section Three : Stun Spells ]

Spells in which the effect is a stun. The stun will wear off in Five Minutes. Until then, you can not move, or talk, until someone Revives you, or you wait the Five Minutes.

[ Section Four : The Killing Curse ]

The killing curse is considered dark magic, and illegal. When performing the killing curse, you must have a total of 6 lines. Each line containing four words plus. For example:

-I aim my wand to you here-
Avada Kedavra!
-this sends down to you here-
-flying from my wand well-
-the green light beams in your eye-
-it slams into your chest-

This example shows 6 lines, four words plus, and it’s legible. Example number Two:

-aims my wand-
Avada Kedavra!
-this hits you-

This example shows a wizard performing the killing curse, with three lines, and three words. This is not valid, and will be ignored in battle.

[ Section Five : Stealing Wands ]

Taking a wand will require three lines. Anything else will be deemed void. Example:

-sending my hand through your robes-
-grasping your wand well here-
-snatching it out of your robes-

This will be deemed valid.

[ Section Six : Randoming ]

Randoming means to randomly attack, or murder someone icly. This will be deemed void. People such as death eaters, or any other dark wizards raiding, have a pass from this. Only when raiding.

[ Section Seven : Roleplay Marks ]

Roleplay Marks would be the marks in the beginning and end of roleplay lines. “-“ and “*” are the only valid roleplay marks, and the rest are void. You MUST HAVE BOTH OF THM AT THE BEGINNING AND END OF THE LINES. If not, it is void. Example:

-laughing at this comment well-

Is considered valid. This has two “-“ at the beginning, and end.

[ Section Eight : Death ]
There are two kinds of death. Permanente Death, and temporary death. Permanent death is self spoken, you can NOT bring this character back. You can get “Perm’d” If agreed to a duel where the loser is Perm’d. And also, suicide would be considered permanent. Temporary is every other death. The length will be chosen between the two participants. When dead, you may not roleplay on another character, unless perm’d, when you can make another character.

[ Chapter Nine : Horcruxes ]

They are void until further notice.

[ Chapter Two :: General Rules ]

[ Section One : Kicking ]

Unless the kick was lead up to from the following reasons:

Breaking Habbo rules
Breaking school rules
Mentally Abusing

It will result in a auto death. The death will last 24 hours.

[ Section Two : IC/OOC ]

IC (in character) would be recognized with talking in normal lines, and having an IC motto in. OOC (Out of Character) Would be recognized when using the following:

[Hey there]
Hey There []

OOC motto:
Life is Beautiful

An example of an IC motto would be:

[*H*] Average Joe [G1]

[ Section Three : Azkaban ]

Azkaban is the place for dark wizards who were arrested. There are few ways to break free. The prison is flooded with Dementors, who guard the prison. When you are taken a prisoner, you will be a prisoner for how ever long it was. If you leave the room, you are leaving OOC. You may not use another character, and may not roleplay for the whole time, until either broken out, or let go.

[ Section Four : Characters ]

*H*’ers are permitted to a total of 3 characters. No more. You must choose ONE side, light or dark wizards. If you have a mix, you will be considered void.

[ Section Five : Polyjuce potion ]

This is void to get into the school with. Though, it does take two OOC days to brew.

[ Section Five : NPC

NPC’s must be roleplayed by a real person if wanted to commit an action. Otherwise void.

[ Chapter Three : School Rules ]

[ Section One : House Points ]

House points can only be given out by prefects, Head persons, and Hogwarts staff. At the end of the month, the house with the most house points wins the house cup.

[ Section One : Years ]

Everyone will start off as a first year, unless accepted to a position. Self Promoting will be void, and as punishment, you will have to start off as a first year. To promote to a year, you must get 5 O’s in at least one subject. Grades will be posted on the forums. This is going to be a strict rule.

[ Section Three : Behavior ]

Bad behavior will result in a reduction, Some into suspension or even expulsion. Though, many acts are not always bad, and could be rewarded.

With All Regards-

Dominic Ettore
Deputy Headmaster
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[*The Rulebook*]
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